Curriculum- 2019 Beyond Belief



Day 1- Psalm 139    What if We Belong to God? 
  • God created us so that God can love us and how us intimately.
  • Nothing we can do can change God’s intimate love for us.

Day 2-  Luke 1:35-55    What if God Is Bigger? 

  • God chooses each of us to make God’s love bigger. Today is a day to invite campers to celebrate the ways God’s love can be made bigger by each of them.

Day 3 – Mark 2:1-5  What If Hope Is Real?

  •  Jesus affirms that trusting in and acting on behalf of hopeful instincts is a powerful way to embody faith.

Day 4-  John 6:1-14  What If There Is More Than Enough? 

  • When we wonder, “will there be enough?” Jesus shows us that we already have more than enough.

Day 5-  Mark 7:24-30  What If We Speak Up?

  • If even Jesus can have his mind opened by fearlessness in the face of injustice, just imagine how big God’s grace must be!

Day 6-  Matthew 5:13-16  What If We Change The World? 

  • Jesus encourages us to embrace the ways that God wants to use us to make the world a better place.

Day 7 – Luke 10:1-9   What If We Go Beyond? 

  • As you send your campers out into the world, remind them that they do not go alone; there is nowhere they can go that God doesn’t go with them.