Has it been too long since you’ve been to your favorite camp? From May through October, there is always lots of work to do for folks with talents or enthusiasm. In addition to working on site, there are other ways to contribute to the legacy of Sawtooth United Methodist Camp. If your interest is in maintaining and improving the grounds and facilities, there are tasks in construction, cleaning, organizing, fencing, trail improvement, painting, and grounds keeping. We provide tools and supervision, and you provide the time and labor.

We Love Our Volunteers!

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Work Party, Memorial Day Weekend:
Join us for 3-day weekend preparing camp for summer use after its long winter nap. There is a large variety of indoor and outdoor projects from which you can choose. Pleas sign up in advance so we can make food and lodging arrangements for you.

Since not all projects get completed on Memorial Day weekend, individuals, families, or small groups can help out throughout the season.

Find out what materials are needed for the camp and then donate either the materials or the funds to purchase them. We often need construction tools and equipment, items for cabin refurbishing as well as craft items, recreation equipment, bike parts and repair etc. An updated list of needs can be obtained by emailing the Camp Director.

Off Season Camp Host:
Pre-season and Post-season hosts are sometimes needed to watch over the camp when no staff is onsite. Hosts must have some training of camp operations and policies.

In addition to any of the above opportunities, consider coming to Sawtooth to help with:

  • Housekeeping
  • Dish Supervision
  • Deans & Counselors

Requirements for volunteers working with campers:

Camp housing is sometimes limited for volunteers not in a cabin with the campers. Staff quarters are available only on a limited basis. Camper spaces and tenting spots are usually available.

If you have questions or would like more information on how to get involved in serving your camp, just contact us at sawtooth@gocamping.org