Curriculum- 2018 Branching Out- Connecting through Christ


 Daily Overview   –   Branching Out- Connecting through Christ

Day 1-   Joshua 4:1–9  and John 15:1–11 (Branching Out Theme)
The Place Where We Camp  :What do these stones mean? We mark special places as sacred and give ourselves reminders of our relationship to place. It can be anywhere we notice and are aware of God’s presence with us.
  • Connect with the place, and explore the value of sacred space.
  • Understand that we follow in the footsteps of believers who came before us.
  • Discover the importance of asking questions as they learn about God.
  • Learn how the story of God is passed from one generation to the next.

Day 2-   1 Corinthians 11:23b–26    I am the Vine   Words of institution at the Last Supper. We make sacred bonds with one another and God by covenanting. Covenant
is a way to express our connection beyond space and time. Jesus entered into covenant with us, and we with him, in Holy Communion.

  • Experience their connectedness to Christ through covenant
  • Reflect on the power of shared meals in community
  • Discover the roots of Christian worship in scripture

Day 3 -John 8:2–11  Love One Another  Cast the first stone. We have to look around to see that we are all valuable to God. People and their relationships to us are a treasure for us to protect.

  • Know that their actions toward others can be transformative
  • See Christ’s example of compassion and grace with patience and courage
  • Be called to follow Christ’s example to connect to others without judgement, prejudice or injustice
  • Distinguish between judgement and justice.

Day 4-  Luke 15:11–32    I Chose You  Prodigal Son

We make decisions that affect the ways we are connected. Sometimes we need to choose to disconnect to learn where God is.

  • Learn the impact of choice in their connection with God and others.
  • Hear of God’s forgiveness and grace.
  • Know that they can admit to their brokenness, and that they can change.
  • Identify trustworthy individuals in their lives who will show them God’s grace and forgiveness.

 Day 5-  1 Kings 19:11–13   I Have Spoken to You  We don’t always hear God through loud or obvious communication. We have to listen for the still small voice.

  • Experience many ways to connect to God through the mystery of prayer.
  • Practice listening for God’s voice.
  • Become aware of how God provides for them in many different ways.
  • Explore ways of connecting to God on their own.

Day 6-  Luke 24:13–35  Abide with Me   We have tools we can use to reconnect to God, and we find them as we walk the road with Jesus.

  • Discover how they might deepen their connection with God
  • Learn to sustain this relationship after they leave the camp community
  • Become more familiar with their Bibles
  • Serve one another by being Christ-like to each other

Day 7 – Romans  8:35, 37–39    I Abide in You Nothing can separate us from the love of God

  • Understand how the magnitude of interconnectedness influences their encounters in the world.
  • Declare that they are connected to God’s love in Christ no matter what.
  • Identify things that try to disconnect them from God.
  • Become equipped to share the Good News with others.
  • Reflect on what things from camp will help them keep their connection to God.