2017 Camp Theme

Fearless Faith

Daily Overview

Day 1- Together, the Courage to Show Up Genesis 12:7–8   

God called Abram out of his comfortable life to create community, and when Abram showed up, God met him there and blessed him.

Day 2- Together, the Courage to Trust  Ruth 1:16–18

Ruth is an outsider who learned to trust Naomi, Naomi’s community, and her God, and when she did, everyone benefited.

Day 3- Together, the Courage to Forgive   Genesis 45:14–15

When Joseph knew it was safe to do so, he showed his forgiveness to his brothers so that the work of God could go on.

Day 4- Together, the Courage to Stand Daniel 3:28

When we are called to be different than others and to stand with our community, we will not stand alone.

Day 5- Together, the Courage to Do Justice  Esther 4:13–14; 8:6

Esther took a risk to defend God’s people because she trusted God’s covenant with her community

Day 6- Together, the Courage to Change Acts 10:44–45

Sometimes a community has to change its plans to be faithful to God’s story rather than just doing what the community has already done before.

Day 7- Together, the Courage to Connect Matthew 28:19–20

In order to bless all nations, Jesus calls the community to cross borders and cultures and be willing to be changed by them as well.